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Administración segura de medicamentos


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Cero Transcripción

A single source of information is guaranteed, which is the institution's His, through ZOE AMS integration, it feeds the Nursing Kardex and the Medication card.

In the Kardex, the representation of the established model prevails, where the principle of all the critical information on a single sheet prevails, enriched by alerts, simplicity to modify and have the control and legibility that paper does not provide.

Change control assistant, medication control, among others.

Real time analytics

ZOE AMS monitors and analyzes various vectors imperceptibly, in order to identify and predict potential risks that trigger a possible medication error. The ZOE Assistant will notify you with visible and audible warnings only for critical processes that require your intervention.

Our Assistance will enhance your sense of observation, will support your recollection process by living a unique experience, you will have a feeling of total confidence, you will enjoy the pleasure of making sure that everything is happening according to plan, allowing you to focus on humanized patient care.

we use algorithms to identify:

  • Drug interactions
  • Nephrotoxic risk
  • Allergies
  • Medications out of hours
  • Medications not ordered and control of number of doses
Administer Medications
Personal assistant

Your Administration Assistant

ZOE AMS Safe Medication Administration, It is designed for the comfort, agility and safety of each activity, it offers you a detailed control of medication dose changes, device control, administrative control of medications such as what is pending to be applied, and what is pending to be returned .

In the administration it informs you in what stage you are with the patient and with the assigned patients, by color map you identify the medications that are on the schedule, it reminds you of the possible effects that you must remind the patient, the verification of the route and the dose .

It offers the follow-up list of the medications that require it.

Online Registration

The post-registration is a thing of the past, you will obtain the registration of the medications at the time and date in which the service was performed, guaranteeing 99% in the correct patient, the correct medication, the correct time and impacting in significantly reducing the error in the others correct.

Además de los registros de aplicación, se registrará el nuevo universo de incidentes que desconocías del proceso de administración de medicamentos. Profesionales e institución exploraran un crecimiento exponencial del reporte de incidentes, facilitando esto la mejora continua y lograr establecer nuevos estándares de excelencia en salud.


Medication Errors

We exceeded one million identified incidents


“We all hope to get better, not worse, when we take a medicine”

Medical specialist
Med. Infectologist, Oncologist

“AMS guarantees the correct medicine, at the correct time, to the correct patient and with the correct indication.”

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Nursing and Pharmacy
Nursing and Pharmacy

“Over 11 years of hard work, we have found numerous human flaws in the medication administration process.”

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“A fundamental tool for patient safety allows us post-application follow-up. We have exclusive professionals for Ams”

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Systems engineer
Systems engineer

“Stable software, monitoring of clinical processes and software components allowing us to anticipate solutions or improvements.”

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“AMS assures us that the correct medication is administered to the patient. When I scan the patient's wristband and medication, it informs me if it was not ordered.”

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Medical specialist
Internal Medicine

“AMS starts in 2010, guarantees the application of medications, the validation of interactions and allergies, allows the monitoring of management indicators.”

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