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Software development

Software Factory

Ecosystem, Quality, Experience The extensive knowledge in modern application architecture and the experience of 23 years in software development activities, guarantee concrete results according to the best practices in application design and architecture. We have a select group of specialized collaborators in:

  • Windows server and Azure infrastructure architects
  • Sql Server database architects
  • Development in Asp .Net, Wpf and Windows Applications.
  • DataCenter Architect and Cisco Engineers.

ICT Consultancy

Consider us your technology and service partner who understands your needs, we will provide the necessary assistance to keep your information technology operational, and you focus on your business processes. We will gladly attend to your needs in:

  • Architecture Networks and Databases
  • Clinical Software Consulting
  • Diagnostic Imaging Digitization Solutions
Desarrollo de Software

Administration and maintenance

This service contemplates the performance of activities such as: security reviews, system updates, alert and log file checks, performance evaluation, parameter adjustments, review of CPU, memory, I/O metrics and tuning sessions in different areas, such as:

  • CPU, Memory Configuration Tuning.
  • Distribution of I/O in partitions.
  • Object tuning.
  • Tuning of processes and applications.
  • Networking Database Tuning.