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¿How does the safe administration of medications impact time?

Zoe Ams, our model eliminates the paper, the transcription disappears and with the online registration of the correct medication, the correct patient, the correct medicine, the correct time and the correct others, it eliminates the hours of post registration. The average for adult patients in the ICU in the registry is done in 95 seconds, in hospitalization 34 seconds.

¿What is patient safety?

Patient safety is a health care discipline made up of a set of structural elements, processes, instruments and methodologies based on scientifically proven evidence. Its objective is to prevent and reduce the risks, errors and damages suffered by patients during the provision of health care, effects that are reflected in the financial costs of adverse events, in terms of additional treatment and the extension of the days of hospital admission.

¿What is safe administration of medications?

It is a set of specific measures for the safe use of the product and the organizational measures related to its handling and administration.

As more successive controls are added, the security of the entire system increases. Some specific preventive strategies must be guaranteed to implement in the clinical routine.

It is very common that we only talk about "the correct 5", but these have evolved and today we speak of the correct 10 in Patient Safety, which are recommended to follow to improve the quality and safety of the administration process of medicines.

A decade allows us to achieve the evolution of this process, we managed to develop a model with the digital and cultural transformation to guarantee the correct 10.